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Wrought Iron & Aluminum Interior and Exterior Railings

Pertain to railings that go in the interior and/or exterior façade of a structure. Typically aluminum is used in exterior applications and iron used in interior. They can be either acting as a guardrail or simply decorative.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Entry Gates

Entry Gates are usually located in the front of a house with a porch or "foyer" before the front door. Entry gates are not t be confused with burglar bars in front of an entry door.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Sliding Driveway Gates

Sliding Driveway Gates are used typically when swinging gates are not an option due to grade changes or space restrictions.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Swinging Driveway Gates

Swinging Gates are used when sliding gates are not ideal because of property lines and or landscaping that may disrupt the path of the gate. Some consider swinging driveway gates more majestic because of their "grand opening" mechanics.

Aluminum Entry Doors

Aluminum Entry Doors are used to decorate the front of the home or business with unparalleled design and character. Aluminum Entry Doors come as a pre-hung unit consisting of astragals, door stop, deadbolts, flush bolts, roller latches, weather stripping, thresholds, jambs and mechanically fastened hinges for your security. Impact glass is also an option!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Mailbox Stands

Mailbox stands have beautiful authentically hand-forged metalwork. These come in standard sizes and have a wide variety of designs.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Intercom Stands

Intercom Stands give splendor and character to the normal post that most fabricators use. Authentically hand-forged scrolls adorn these masterpieces as well!

Aluminum Trellises

Aluminum Trellises are quickly becoming a must have in new homes! Offering beautiful eye catching structures with the ability to potentially provide relaxing shade and functional in application.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Gazebos

Gazebos, whether aluminum or wrought iron can be fabricated with simple lines or complex, intertwined scrollwork to match your homes décor.

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Arbors

Arbors can be simple so as to let vegetation grow within it or highly ornamental standalone ornament!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Garden Gates

Beautiful authentically hand-forged scrollwork goes hand in hand with our garden gate collections to provide the most beautiful garden possible!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Furniture

Ranging from candle holders, custom designed beds, vanity tables, dinner tables and chairs. Toledo Iron Works prides itself in providing high quality metalwork for high quality clients!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Fences

Keeping the unwanted out never looked so good! Toledo Iron Works authentically hand forged fencing options offer functional security measures as well as beautiful metalwork that will enhance the look of any home or business!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Decorative Grills

Need to decorate your windows, gates, or openings in your home or business? Toledo Iron Works decorative grills range from modern and contemporary to classical and Mediterranean! Baroque style metalwork is also available!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Decorative Door Grills

Decorative door grilles have the option of being fixed or operable to give you the chance to clean your glass. However, you need not worry about water filtration with a hinged glass system!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Security Grills

Interested in security and not so much looks? Toledo Iron Works offers high strength steel and aircraft grade aluminum to fortify your home or business!

Wrought Iron & Aluminum Security Fencing

Either steel or aluminum Toledo Iron Works offers various heavy duty fence options to protect your home or business. If looks and security are a concern there are ways of sprucing up the look of a heavy gauge fence!

Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior Railings

Modern, contemporary, sleek, and clean are all common expressions in describing Toledo Iron Works Stainless steel railings, whether interior or exterior.

Stainless Steel Entry Doors

High mirror polish finish or brushed stainless are characteristics of the sleekest entry ways to the most discerning of homes!

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Stainless steel cable railings offer the most "invisible" railing option; a perfect choice for homes on the beach or with an incredible view that need not an obstruction!

Stainless Steel Cable Fencing

Decorative, sleek, and contemporary; for the most up-to-date architectural look, a Toledo Iron Works stainless steel cable fence would surely do the trick.

Brass - Bronze Interior and Exterior Railings

One of the closest looking metals to gold! Bronze/Brass railings are virtually one of the most beautiful sites ever! Whether high mirror polish or a natural bronze/brass patina Toledo Iron Works can provide the highest quality bronze and brass railings!

Brass - Bronze Entry Doors

Bronze and brass entry doors are the epitome of elegance. With authentically hand forged metalwork this would be the ultimate entry way into the finest of homes.

Brass - Bronze Pedestrian Gates

Just as entry doors bronze and brass pedestrian gates are famous for their natural patinas! Complementing bronze and brass entry ways, pedestrian gates give that extra feeling of grandeur.

Brass and Bronze Handrails

Bronze and brass handrails are a beautiful way of enhancing an already beautiful Toledo Iron Works railing! Mixing the two metals creates a beautiful contrast!

Multi-Residential Projects

Toledo Iron works specializes in providing contractors, developers, and architects with a real solution to their metalwork needs. We provide quick turn around time in order to achieve construction goals. We provide innovative ideas for a cost effective yet aesthetically pleasing solution for the architects and developers needs.

Value Engineering

Toledo Iron Works prides itself in providing true value engineering. Simple picket railings are not value engineering just a sure way of obtaining a simple "cookie cutter" look. Because our customers treat us with the trust and respect of sharing their true budgets we truly show them how to get the best bang for their buck.